The program

Track based lessons/mixing

Features 3 sessions of 2 hours @ $80 per hour with Simon working on an original or remix track and teaching you the art of getting a great mix. Includes home work and audio challenges between classes.

Mixing a great track to radio quality typically requires 6-8 hours depending on the source material/recordings.¬† In a typical session, we’ll prep the tracks for mixing, make arrangement changes or modifications including drum replacements as required, add EQ, compression and effects, and output a reference mix ready for mastering. A further single session to master for radio promo or digital release is available.

This program includes:

  • Mixing using Pro-tools and industry leading software and outboard gear
  • Compression, EQ, using and tracking with midi outboard and soft synths
  • Mastering using industry standard tools


Single two hour session 

Single two hour session @$80 per hour to tweak, sub-mix or master a track tailored to your specific needs. If you like you can extend this in to a full track course above.  A single session is a great way to focus on a specific mixing challenge such as sub-mixing drums, fixing or enhancing a bassline or vocal, and more.

Further specialist classes available on request (e.g. studio drum/bass/guitar vocal recordings and more)

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