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Mix your own music and learn the art of music production over three 2 hour mix sessions or a custom session. Complete an original track or remix, or ask Simon to mix and master your work for you.

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Mix and master your own music

Learn the skills of mixing and mastering by working on your own music from an Aria award winning engineer and producer. Choose a fixed fee session or contact us to arrange a custom session.

Learn the art and tools of creating great music by mixing your own recorded track or create a great remix of a track you love.
Master the industry leading music platform as well as other digital audio production tools and hardware. Bring in your sessions and sounds, or bring your PC with your favorite software, sounds and plug-ins.
Complete your own final mix ready for mastering for radio, digital download or vinyl release

I've worked with Simon Polinski for over twenty five years on a wide variety of recordings where Simon has been variously the recording engineer, mixer, producer and mastering engineer. He is well versed in a whole variety of musical styles and approaches; acoustic, roots music , electronica, rock, dub, ambient, world, punk to pop. From working with Simon I have learned tools like Logic and Pro Tools. But most importantly, Simon allows for a creative environment in the studio; no idea is dismissed, experimentation is encouraged, each session is mapped out carefully. I thoroughly recommend him.

Steve Kilbey, March 2014